Scientific teambuilding

Completely new dimension of science-based workshop, aiming to point to the importance of consistent collaboration every step of the work process

Through engaging activities, laughter, challenging tasks, entertaining failures and stimulating successes, your team will have a motivating experience thanks to which their work in the period to come will be more pleasant and productive.


The scientific teambuilding is organised as a competition of 4-5 smaller teams.
Your team will get a task to compose an absurd chain reaction which will, at the end of the day, yield an extremely logical and sensible result.
After the workshop facilitator explains the goals and the task, the teams will get all the materials and a specified task. The aim is not to be the quickest to solve it, but quite the contrary – to postpone the task completion by using technical knowledge and insights and common sense. The task is ambivalent, it requires creativity, coherent and highly developed communication among the team members, as well as precise and consistent collaboration.
Details regarding the scientific task will be revealed at the detailed workshop presentation, but rest assured that you will get the best out of your team.


Internal project implementation requires collaboration between many people and departments. Research shows that employees feel unstimulated if they are not included in the entire process – as just a cog in the wheel, they miss the immediate feeling of pleasure when a specific project is completed. This teambuilding symbolically and concretely demonstrates the necessary collaboration, the importance of each parameter and part of the process.
The teambuilding illustrates the usefulness of all the organisational principles and their mutual interconnection, as the effect and the product themselves represent only a part of the company success.
Science, as a structured and unbiased method of problem solving, provides a safe and solid base for work and cooperation, and adopting the scientific language and methodology as the best model of successful communication is an additional benefit of this workshop.
In line with the goals, the teambuilding manager will draft for the client an evaluation of collaboration potential, team work assessment and a series of other specific behaviours in each participant.

  • Process-orientation
  • Patience in testing the best option
  • Readiness to cooperate and remain calm
  • Precision and consistency in fulfilling tasks
  • Constant communication and respect for other team members
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiation and persuasion




min. 12, max. 20


On request