“Graffiti is beautiful; like a brick in the face of a cop.” Hunter S. Thompson

What is Meetstreetart?

Once a controversial form, nowadays an omnipresent kind of artistic expression - if we needed to describe the street art in only one sentence, it would sound something like this. But it is so much more than just one simple sentence and it has found its way from a subcultural movement to the core of contemporary art.   

Street art is one of a kind art form, constantly evolving, breaking the barriers of familiar, encouraging not only socio-political activism, but also multidisciplinary creative work on the streets of the whole wide world.  

This where Meet Street Art takes the role of your personal guide through Croatian street art scene. 

Tour & Workshop

If you want to see all the faces of our city, then join us on Meet street art tour, because everyone knows where the life happens - in the street!

Do you want to see all the major checkpoints of Croatian contemporary street art scene?  There is no better way to get the contextual grasp of the situation, then by walking around the city accompanied by a street artist himself or by a great connoisseur of the local scene, right? 

You will understand the cultural, political and social origins of the work, but also you will be able to understand the meaning of the works’ impact, not only on the urban surroundings and the city’s landscape, but on the collective memory and social conscience. 

All the participants will learn about the techniques, styles and terminology of the scene and will get the chance to learn about some unwritten rules and code of the street art scene. 

Also, this will be you opportunity to get some real, HANDS ON EXPERIENCE - paint your own graffiti work of art and take it as a souvenir.

Each and every tour is as unique as the street artist guiding you through the city. 

What is our goal?

First and foremost we want to encourage the recognition of Croatian street art scene and help to position it on the global street art map as an equal to the major European cities with strong street art scene. 

We want to show you the places which are usually off the sightseeing routes, but are of the vast importance for the development of the local street art scene, like for example Novi Zagreb (and its parts Dugave and Sopot which already have a strong street art tradition).

Our mission is to actively document a quality street art and to present it in a positive and respectful manner by also promoting the city as a street art friendly place and a dynamic street art destination worthy of visitors’ time and attention. 

Also, we are working on an extensive street art publication, that is a guide book, which should help everyone understand the social and urban circumstances around which the local street art evolved. The street art guide book will also contain a map of every neighbourhood with marked locations of the street artworks. 

We intend to support the artistic development of the local street artists and help them with local and international promotion through the work of a non-government street art organisation which will partly be funded from the guided tours. 



If you have a question about our work, we will be happy to answer it.

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