In a healthy body healthy mind enriched by the beauty of the city

About Culturrun - Sightrunning Croatia

Culturrun – Sightrunning Croatia is the healthiest and most active way of sightseeing by running.

As you run along carefully selected routes with your coach and guide, from one city sight to another you will enjoy watching the architecture and nature, soaking in the city's way of life and discovering where the best restaurants are hidden, where to look for a excellent time and how locals really live and breathe... without too many words and settled into a rhythm of jogging that will invigorate your body and spirit.

 With the expert guidance of a coach you will discover the hidden beauties, shortcuts, unexpected vistas and off-road spots that reveal surprisingly much of the visited croatian cities.

Are you a morning runner? If that’s the case, then book an early morning Culturrun and breathe in the fresh air of a sleepy city.

Or maybe you’re an evening runner? Then run with us as the city winds down and a light breeze begins to disperse the day’s heat.

 You think you are not in best shape! We will cut the route and tailor it according to your wishes.

And if you liked running through the city with us so much that you want to do it over and over again – well, we've thought of that as well! We offer you  several superb running routes, exciting locations and unexpected vistas.


Where do we meet? Are reservations required? In case of rain or snow do you cancel the route? ...

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