Quick Fix

Quick Fix workshops will help you learn some new methods of relaxation and how to buffer the effect of being constantly exposed to stressful situations.

Keeping the work- life balance requires a conscious effort and by making one, you are not only taking care of your employees and clients, but also affecting the success of your business affairs.

Hopefully, this will become a normal practice and a regular part of corporate culture in Croatia. 


Stress is one among the most common causers of cardio-vascular diseases and immunodeficiency disorders. It also significantly affects the quality of our everyday life.

Quick Fix workshops are intended to help you release all the negative energy and stress accumulated during the day by introducing you to some tools intended to help you fight the negative consequences of such a working rhytm. A specific self-massage technique, targeting the “weak points” will help your mind and body restore the balance and relax. 

All the workshops are held in the morning, which will give your employees an opportunity to start the day feeling energised and refreshed, ready to meet all the challenges and tackle the daily tasks. 

Quick Fix workshops can also take place after long working hours and busy, tightly scheduled days. Workshop trainers will teach you how to let go of the stress and relax, either by learning new techniques or by deepening your existing knowledge. 

Weather you are experienced or a beginner, in a top shape or just have decided to introduce physical activities to your daily routine, you will enjoy the workshop and its set of exercises. These sets will be challenging, but not exhausting. 



  • bringing to consciousness the reasons for feeling strained and painful after having spent long hours sitting behind the desk, while simultaneously being exposed to stress
  • learning new skills and getting inspired for using these new skills in your everyday life
  • breaking the routine, connecting with fellow colleagues in a new and more relaxed manner



45- 60 min

Number of participants: 

Up to 15 


Upon request