Outside the box

Thinking outside the box - seeing the invisible

Outside the box is a teambuilding activity based on scientific research, designed as a creative way of examining and exploring important issues your company or organisation is facing. Participants are both mentally and physically detached from a day-to-day working environment, so that they can observe these issues in new ways within this event’s unique format. Our facilitator has personal experience in topics such as team building, interpersonal and group dynamics, conflict resolution, and the functioning of scientific teams and labs. Scientific approach introduces important elements into human relationships in a company or organisation. This workshop aims to challenge the participants on both the physical and mental level with specially designed and adopted activities and games hailing from interdisciplinary science communication in a research community. During that process, the participants are guided to take a step out of the ordinary thinking, become aware of the importance of listening, sharing ideas, group dynamics and mutual tolerance. These dynamics are observable, measurable and quantifiable and they characterize high-performance teams, those with creativity, energy and shared commitment. Designed to change attitudes, foster a stronger team spirit and incorporate tools and strategies they can continue to use at work.


  • Build unstable structure
    Goals: Foster dialogue, create strategies, learn from mistakes, problem solving
  • Bouncy balls
    Goals: Have fun, recreate importance of roles and responsibilities in group
  • Can you count?
    Goals: Observation and assumptions, foster tolerance, practice focus, think outside of the box
  • Mystery box
    Goals: Experiment, dialogue, understanding
  • ​Developing a prototype
    Goals: Practice fine motor skills, build, play and investigate


  • Strategy communication
  • Exploring excellence
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Motivate active participation
  • Generate enthusiasm
  • Improve communication
  • Involve creative problem-solving
  • Foster conflict resolution
  • Explore scientific approach




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