Culinary workshop "Taste of Istria"

Minuta Dvije in collaboration with Taste of Croatia and Istrian culinary team organises fingerlicking gastronomic workshops!

Master the Istrian cuisine and upgrade your culinary skills, while enjoying the wine and olive oil tasting. Join us for the bacchanal in Tavan and thrive on wonderful foodie atmosphere.

The taste of genuine Istrian gourmet experience will impress each and every gastro clubber who takes pride in his foodie reputation.


So, what have we prepared?

Our dear chef and sommelier Goran Zgrablić Manjada will coordinate smaller teams which will participate in our culinary "experiments", combining the elementary Istrian produce in a non-orthodox manner only to prepare a contemporary version of Made in Istria™ finger food.

Participants will learn to use the culinary techniques of some other national cuisines (Spanish, Israeli and Japanese) while simultaneously respecting the traditional tastes of Istria and cooking only with locally grown ingredients.

Small teams will rotate in the kitchen, making it possible for everyone to participate in preparation process as well as in tasting the results of their work. And all of this accompanied by several glasses of high quality Istrian wine and olive oil.

Since learning by doing is proven to be one of the best and fastest learning methods there is, we believe you will leave Tavan feeling as if you've just earned at least one Micheline star, while adding some new ideas and tricks to your culinary skill mix.

Nikola Pezić will be in charge of the music, creating a wonderful musical scenery for your gastronomic endeavours.

The client can choose between Menu I and Menu II (both including appetizers, main course and dessert).

More detailed menu descriptions are available upon request.


While participating in the “Taste of Istria” workshop, we also want to:

  • test, encourage and reinforce the team spirit and teamwork through active participation and problem solving activities
  • simulate professional challenges
  • make participants enjoy the fruits of their teamwork, while motivating each member of the group to strive for personal and professional development and excellence
  • develop the sense of responsibility while following the instructions and delegating the tasks
  • learn about patience and time management
  • provoke curiosity and desire for mastering the new set of skills
  • learn about the basic principles of a diet and the importance of local organic produce
  • develop creativity
  • have fun

Goran Zgrablić Manjada, chef and sommelier

Number of participants: 12-20

Price: upon request