Artisan chocolate workshop

You have a sweet tooth? We have an idea to sweeten up your day!

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make your own chocolate, we have just the right workshop for you! 

We have teamed up with Taman manufacture of chocolate to learn some new sweet skills. The workshop welcomes enthousiasts, beginners, the curious ones... Everyone who loves chocolate and has a sweet spot for the love of chocolate. 

You will learn: 

  • How chocolate is made
  • What chocolate is made of
  • To recognize good quality chocolate
  • To understand the organoleptic traits of chocolate 
  • To distinguish varieties
  • To make your own sweet chcolate bites


We will guide you and teach you how to: 

  • Work with chocolate 
  • Temper chocolate (single most important part of the process of chocolate making)
  • Choose just the right variety of chocolate and recognize different tastes
  • Distinguihs ouverture and single origin chocolate
  • To choose a chocolate just by reading the ingredient list

And at last, we will taste all the chocolate made during the workshop! Yummy! Also, we have prepared take away packaging for you to carry home and sweeten up the atmosphere a bit more.  

This workshop will: 

  • Help you encourage the teamwork and collaboration becuse of the challange they will be presented with 
  • Give an immediate opportunity to see and taste the results of their joint effort
  • leave the participants with the sweet taste of accomplishment once the whole work is finished
  • Teach future artisans to focus on one goal using the available resources 


Duration: 4 hours
Number of participants and price: Upon request
Where: Taman manufacture of chocolate 

Stiv Kahlina, chocolatier expert and the founder of Malo & Slatko Manufacture, known by its handmade artisan Taman chocolates, will guide you through the process of chocolate making and tasting.