Terms and Conditions

Culturrun Sightrunning Croatia

  • ¬†I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years old by the time of the reserved.

  • I wish to participate in Culturrun- Sightrunning Croatia

  • I understand that running can be physically strenuous and can lead to injuries

  • My physical fitness is at the level that I can run for up to one hour without a significant risk of injury and that I am aware of my bodies needs to the extent that I can stop running before injury or illness

  • I understand that all streets are open to vehicular traffic and as a pedestrian I am to abide by all traffic laws and regulations

  • I understand there may not be access to water on some routes and in some areas

  • I understand that the prices are ilisted in both currency Croatian Kuna and Euro, the payments are to be made in Kuna.The prices listed incEuro are only informative.

  • I acknowledge that by checking the Terms and Conditions box below, I waive my right to pursue legal action against the organizer of Culturrun routes - Minuta dvije Ltd.and its employees¬†

  • I hereby waive all rights to any legal claims for damages against the organiser of Culturrun routes Minuta dvije Ltd. and its employees.