Meet street art(ist) is the first street art tour in Croatia (Zagreb) guided by street artists and people involved in the street art scene. You will learn about street art culture, meet street artists, visit squatters, galleries and a unique street Art Park.


  • guided by street artist or scene experts guide
  • Croatian or English speaking tour
  • the street artist’s TOP choice of murals, graffiti’s, small but significant tags and stickers, funny slogans, installations
  • groups: min. 5 to max. 15 participants
  • learn about street art techniques and the development of the street art scene


  • 45 min
  • group: min. 5 participants
  • 12 EUR/ per
  • learn about the spray painting street art techniques create your own graffiti and take it home as a souvenir, get tricks and tips from street artist’s
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