High End Items & Services

Education & workshop for her and him through taste, sence and smell

Education is combination of presentation, workshop and tasting. Aside from a bunch of new information, participants will be able to taste, feel and smell all the products, and they will do that with a lot of fun.
All the materials, along with important advice and addresses will be given at the end of the training. Topics are presented by the best experts from each area.

Flowers & table

Educator: Jelena Iva Nikolić
Duration: 45- 60 min

  • Trends in the world
  • Recommendations for different events
  • Shopping addresses: TOP 10 on Croatian and world market
  • Tips & tricks
  • Literature & blogs

Wine culture

Educator: Jelena Šimić Valentić
Duration: 45min

  • Wine-related news on Croatian and world market
  • TOP 10 best Croatian and foreign wineries
  • Sommerlier tips&tricks→ the art of wine tasting
  • Tasting 3 sorts of wine (with lunch)

Hospitality industry- Hotels & restaurants

Educator: Jelena Iva Nikolić
Duration: 45 min

  • Trends in Hotel industry
  • Plans and visions in Hotel industry in Croatia and world
  • Gastro trends
  • Top list best Croatian hotels and restaurants
  • Top list world's exceptional hotels and restaurants 
  • Address list

Luxury experiences

Educator: Jelena Iva Nikolić
Duration: 45 min

  • New definition of luxury (does wealth make us more rich anymore?)
  • Offer difference between Croatia and rest of the world
  • Latest trends
  • Top 10 luxury experiences in Croatia and world
  • Address list

Fashion & design

Educators: Marina Vrdoljak Ranilović i Nataša Mihaljčišin (studio I-GLE)
Duration: 45 min

  • News from fashion & design market
  • TOP 10 shopping adresses on Croatian and world market
  • Tips & tricks→ corporate dress code​
  • fashion blogs, design blogs

Luxury perfumes & cosmetics

Educator: Borut Mihalić
Duration: 45 min

  • News on market of niche perfumes and cosmetics
  • TOP 10 shopping adresses on Croatian and foreign market
  • Tips & tricks→ how to recognize the perfume notes and properly apply perfume
  • Presentation of 3 perfumes → how to choose the right perfume

Techno gadgets and vehicles

Edukacor: Ivan Brezak Brkan (Netokracija) or Petar Pavić (Star Digital Group)
Duration: 30 - 45 min

  • News about techno gagdets on foreign market and availability in Croatia
  • TOP 10 most useful gadgets
  • Shopping addresse
  • Tips & tricks
  • Literature and blogs

Whiskey & cigars

Educator: Alen Kosanović (HAVANA SHOP CAMELOT)
Duration: 30 - 45 min

  • News in the world of whiskies and cigars
  • Combining cigars and whiskey
  • Rare cigars and whiskies
  • Shopping addresses
  • Tasting


6 h


max. 1


on request